Welcome to my little corner of the web...

Who I Am

I'm a lover of things that float, fly, shoot, feel smell and taste good, a wonderful woman, her daughter, and the little man who calls me Daddy.


Where I Hail From

If you are wondering if I am "that" Pete, the one you knew from way back when...I grew up between the SF Bay Area and the suburbs of Detroit. I've called Sunnyvale, Bloomfield Hills, Los Altos, East Lansing, Harbor Springs, Nantucket, Chicago, Key West, San Francisco, La Selva Beach, Dubai, Waco, Soquel, Aptos, and now Carmel...home.


Past Moments

Ever look at an old picture you've taken and get flooded with visceral sensations? These are a few that do exactly that for me.

Why Not Say Hello?

Tel./Text: (415) 385-3595 | pete@petenoto.com